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Buy the Stop Monsters vacuum cleaner.


Is it easy to use?

Yes, check out our ten step method, or watch our two minute video
Can I use it daily?
Yes, since the vacuum cleaner treatment does not contain chemicals and will not harm your hair
Can I re-use filters?
Depending on the condition of the filter and how well it's conserved, as well as the severity of the infestation, it can be re-used. The box contains ten refills
Does it work with any type of vacuum cleaner?
It works with all household vacuum cleaners, except with stick and robotic ones
Does it contain toxic or chemical elements?
No, the Stop Monsters lice vacuum cleaner eliminates lice and nits naturally without any of those elements.
Can I buy spare parts?
Yes, you can buy them through our website.
Is it an electrical appliance?
No, the lice vacuum has to be assembled with your domestic vacuum cleaner.
How long does the treatment last?
Depending on the degree of infestation and the type and length of hair, between 1 to 4 sessions of around 30 minutes, separated by periods of 3-4 days, will be neessary.
Can I re-use the vacuum cleaner with all family members and as many times as I want?
Yes. The box includes ten additional filters and spares are available through our website.
Is it difficult to assemble the device with the vacuum cleaner?
No, you can do it in less than a minute
What do I do if, during vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner loses strength?
It is possible that you may have dandruff, flaky or dead skin, psoriasis, etc. These kinds of skin diseases can fill the filter and ultimately clog it. Stop the treatment, clean or replace the filter and continue the treatment
How can I clean the comb?
When the infestation is severe, the comb might get dirty. In order to clean it, remove it from the device, use a pin between the prongs of the comb in order to get rid of the remains and finally wash it with soap and water. Maintaining the comb clean helps keeping it more effective for each treatment
Can I wash the Stop Monsters lice vacuum cleaner?
All parts can be washed, although just the comb needs it.

How does it work - Stop Monsters

Click on the video to see how our system works:

1. Assemble the Stop Monsters vacuum cleaner* with your domestic vacuum cleaner using (5) and using, if necessary, an adapter (6)

* Not compatible with stick or robotic vacuum cleaners

2. Divide the hair neatly in four partitions or six, if the hair is abundant.
Unravel in depth each partition.

3. Turn on the domestic vacuum cleaner at full power.
In children three years or younger, you can turn it on at a lower setting, in case it's uncomfortable.
Remove one of the hair clips and place the partition at the mouth of the Stop Monsters lice vacuum cleaner, so the hair “flaps” in the nozzle.
4. Vacuum/hoover the hair inserting it into the nozzle, without making contact between the nozzle and the root of the hair. (until you reach the root of the scalp).
Once you reach the root, tip the nozzle in order to allow both the vacuuming/hoovering and the combing of the area (between 5 and 10 cm or 2 to 4 inches from the root to the tip of the hair is enough)
In order to go back to the root, tip the comb in a way that leaves the hair completely free.

5. Once concluded the vacuuming of the partition (4 or 5 minutes per hair clip), replace the clip and repeat the procedure with the remaining partitions
6. To check the severity of the infestation, open the bayonet (pieces 5 and 2), remove the filter (4), and finally place the cover (3)
7. Check the filter after vacuuming in order to check whether you have lice and, if so, discard and replace the paper filter (spares included in the box). After the treatment,
dissassemble the lice comb (1) and wash it with soap and water. It is recommended to use a brush to remove the nits that might remain between the metal spikes
8. Repeat the treatment every three or four days until the Stop Monsters filter is free of infestation
If you want to use Stop Monsters, we recommend using our treatment plan.
1. Continue until the hair is free of lice and nits and follow the second treatment
2. Perform it only if the presence of lice or nits is detected durig the initial inspection
3. Repeat the treatment until the filter is free of lice and nits

Who we are - Stop Monsters
Tired of trying countless pharmacy products for lice, we understood that the only solution to eradicate these pesky parasites was doing a task that today nobody, or almost nobody, has the time or the inclination to do.

In April 2010 we founded the first company in Spain dedicated to perform natural treatments for the removal of lice and nits, Fuig Poll, and now we have several centers in Spain. In our goal to make the lives of families affected by lice a little bit easier, we understood that in order to hold off these parasites, the only effective prevention is to give a little attention to the issue every day.
With the experience and knowledge gained in these five years in which we have treated thousands of victims we have developed, together with the help from a multidisciplinary team, the Stop Monsters lice vacuum cleaner, a simple device that helps us in the battle against these parasites.
The only effective prevention is dedication, and this is why we think that extending our vacuum cleaner system for home use is a good idea. We present a powerful and natural method that, after being tested for five years in our centers, makes the work we do in our homes a lot easier.
After a lot of work and effort, we are pleased to present what is already a reality: an easy to use, 100% natural, reusable lice vacuum cleaner that contributes to the eradication of  infestations of lice and nits.
Welcome to Stop Monsters.

Buy the Stop Monsters vacuum cleaner.